Unlike normal stock images, these wildlife images have that extra 'something' that Je ne sais quoi that lifts them way above the norm.

That big eyed female roe deer in the wheat field looks down on me from a framed image in my lounge reminding me how very beautiful these animals are when seen close-up and how they can appear from nowhere, as if by magic to surprise and enchant the onlooker.

The tall image of the wood sandpiper, one of three consecutive images taken while it was preening. Two of the images were 'normal' but one, just one caught a moment that reminded me of a ballerina's pose.

I well remember that barn owl against a salmon pink sky. I had my back to a tree watching the sunset and it simply flew toward me having no idea I was there. Thank you for your visit Barnie, you competed well with that sunset and certainly enhanced my day.

I look forward to adding more images to this gallery whenever mother nature offers me one of these rare gifts.