I can't help admiring the insect world, the fine details of which are hidden from our eyes until we either get a magnifying glass on them or a macro lens on a camera.

Just take a look at that long proboscis which it digs down deep into the flower for the nectar.  Note the yellow built in 'stopper' ring at the top which seems to aid this dance fly (Empis livida) by signalling when to probe no deeper.  Look at that pale ball under its wing, that is called a "haltares" a gyroscope to aid it in flight.

What is that 'V' shaped thing on a stalk on the top of its head.. look at the size of those compound eyes and notice all those different shaped plates on the side of its body, what is their special function?

Seen (watched) here feeding on ragwort reminds me of that well known poem; what is this life if, full of care we have no time to stand and stare...