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What sparked your passion for wildlife photography?  What has your journey been like?  The spark for me was being shown a nest of bright blue song thrush' eggs when I was about 5.  My 'Journey' has been a 50+ year learning curve, a journey strewn with high's and low's, that's the nature of learning curves but what a ride.   Wildlife photography takes you to fantastic places and shows you so many beautiful things, I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

This 1st volume illustrates a beginning, it may well mirror your own beginning but I have placed markers up before you too fall into the pits that surely await you.

Each of the 4 volumes is filled with markers, countless answers to countless questions that I have been asked when doing talks on the subject which now feels like countless years!  

I hope you too will enjoy the wonderful WILDLIFE JOURNEY.


NEW VOL ONE ebook copy 2.inddNEW VOL ONE ebook copy 2.indd